Sustainable Planet ( by Sven Kauffman, Honorable Member of EcoShuMi ) , has achieved an extraordinary feat – it has emerged as the winner in the “Better Nutrition” category at the FAO World Food Forum 2023! 🏆🌽

🌟 Continuing the Journey with Sven Kaufmann Sven K. - A Remarkable Triumph! 🌱🌍
We are thrilled to continue this incredible journey with all of you and share exhilarating news about our Honorable Member of EcoShuMi , Sven Sven K..
His project, Sustainable Planet Sustainable Planet, has achieved an extraordinary feat - it has emerged as the winner in the "Better Nutrition" category at the FAO World Food Forum 2023! 🏆🌽
As you may recall from our previous posts, the World Food Forum (WFF) Startup Innovation Awards, in partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), provide a global platform to recognize and support visionaries and entrepreneurs who are utilizing technology to drive sustainable transformations in agrifood systems.
This mission perfectly aligns with our commitment to combat global hunger.
In a competition where 400 applications from 69 countries competed across all FAO Four Better categories - Better Production, Better Nutrition, Better Environment, and Better Life - Sustainable Planet emerged as a beacon of innovation and dedication.
Sven's unwavering dedication to driving positive change and pioneering ingenious solutions for the challenges our food systems face today is truly commendable.
Together, we are creating a path towards a more sustainable, nourished, and harmonious global community.
Please join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to Sven for achieving this remarkable milestone.
Your unwavering support and enthusiasm continue to fuel our determination to make a profound global impact. 🚀🌎
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Sustainable Planet by Sven Kauffman EcoShuMi Honorable Member

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