Senator Robert Van Gasteren Robert M.J. V., Honorable Member of EcoShuMi , leads a relentless fight for democracy in the Netherlands, and they’re making significant strides. 🎉

🌍🇳🇱 Breaking News: Senator Robert Van Gasteren Robert M.J. V., Honorable Member of EcoShuMi , leads a relentless fight for democracy in the Netherlands, and they're making significant strides. 🎉
No more tinkering with our democracy and the government's democratic responsibility for agreements with supranational bodies, such as the World Health Organization. It's time for transparency! 💬
Senator Robert and his party's unwavering commitment to democracy has led to a crucial change: the ruling party in the Netherlands now requires parliamentary approval to sign treaties with the World Health Organization (WHO).
This new contract grants WHO the authority to make decisions such as mandatory vaccinations and other actions, potentially going against the nation's constitution, during times of declared "Pandemic Situation."
Some countries, like Mexico, have already rejected such WHO control and refused to sign similar contracts.
A significant majority of the Netherlands Parliament, likely exceeding 2/3, opposes granting WHO such powers.
The last pandemic exposed the flaws in WHO decisions, highlighting the importance of preserving human free will.
Despite the significance of this treaty, it remains largely unreported in mainstream media, YouTube, and influencer channels.
Senator Robert and his team have courageously stood up for democracy and the free will of human beings, challenging the silence surrounding this crucial document.
Initiative by BBB BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer Citizen Movement) 👏🌐✨
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