Financial Review’s Article about Lotus Energy

We are pleased to inform about a new article in the Australian Financial Review how Lotus Energy Lotus Energy is the world leader in recycling solar panels, amongst many other things like large renewable assets, EWaste, cable, and plastic recycling.
The Co-Founder of Lotus Energy is Anthony Vippond Anthony Vippond, One of the Honorable Members of EcoShuMi .
"Then there is the question of what to do with ageing renewable energy infrastructure. A few years ago, Lotus Energy – a co-operatively owned solar energy company – needed to recycle obsolete solar equipment. But Vippond could only find providers who would stockpile the equipment or ship it to be burnt as e-waste overseas. The company had hit upon a need that will only grow in coming years: figuring out what to do with obsolete solar PV infrastructure. Because a solar panel's average lifespan is about 21 years, it's estimated about 100,000 tonnes of solar panels will enter Australia's waste stream by 2035, according to figures from Sustainability Victoria."

Wish success in creating the world a better place Anthony Vipond 🙂 I wish Great Day 🙂

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